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What's the foam jacket insulation steel pipe utilized for?
Insulation steel pipeline can be anticorrosive jacket steel pipe as well as filled between the steel pipeline and the coat of ultrafine glass woollen make-up, can likewise be made of graphite, silicon calcium floor tile covering as well as polyurethane foam filled with steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe. It not only has a strong anti-corrosion, water-p...

Galvanized Steel water pipe VS Stainless-steel water pipe
Both Galvanized Steel pipeline and also Stainless Steel pipeline can be made use of in corrosive atmospheres. Actually, they are entirely different materials with a range of applications, they are various in resistance as well as corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel pipe is utilized in water or wet conditions as steel roof for residences, and also chain we...

The Central heating boiler tube utilized for steam power plant
Boiler tube generally refers to the seamless steel tube utilized in industrial central heating boilers, engine central heating boilers and also coal-fired power plant central heating boilers. According to the heavy steam pressure, the thermal power central heating boiler can be divided into reduced stress, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high stress, s...

API 5L Quality B VS ASTM A106 Grade B
Some steel-piper are really puzzled about the API 5L grade B as well as ASTM A53 quality B, both of them are a sort of moderate steel, and in some cases they can be made use of for oil and also gas solution, today we will certainly reveal the deference between of them. API 5L GR.B Pipes originate from API Spec 5L Specification for Line Pipe with the applicat...

What's central heating boiler tube material grade?
High stress central heating boiler steel pipeline is a crucial raw material for power station heating unit, which is generally made use of in the manufacture of water wall, economizer, superheater, reheater and steam and also water attaching pipe of numerous components of power plant central heating boiler. Power plant boiler has high needs for high stress s...

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