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SEO Clerks Review

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Website Review

SEO Clerks is a platform connecting freelancers with trustworthy clients who require SEO services at affordable rates. The services range from sponsored tweets, articles, site flipping, SEO, backchannel building and marketing. The company was established in 2011 and the website was last updated in 2017. The layout of the website is not very attractive and looks more of a marketplace where there are continuous adds popping up of different buyers and sellers.

There are six distinct levels if you become a member and your progression up the ladder is based on the completion of a specific number of purchases, affiliate sales or services.

SEO Clerks is for all those who wish to propose a service and earn money. There is no threshold price which a seller can charge and there are myriad jobs that can be proposed. If you are looking to enhance the SEO of your site or if you plan to outsource your work, then this is something worth a try. Below are a few of the main services available there:

  • Voice overs
  • Writing articles
  • Translations
  • Build backchannels
  • Design or place banner advertisements
  • Make a WordPress site
  • Solve issues related to WordPress
  • Graphic design

As evident, one can receive almost all services revolving around a website. There are different tabs on the website which help filter the search and open up marketplaces for those specific services. These are:

  • SEOClerks for SEO freelancers
  • CodeClerks for Coding Professionals
  • ListingDock for Listings and services
  • PixelClerks for Graphic freelancers
  • WordClerks for Content and writing services, and
  • SuperiorThan for Versus and debates

Though it is an authentic website, but users may have both positive and negative comments as there are freelancers performing the gigs which at times could be of high quality, while some may be poor. Hence, a legitimate company but you need to exercise discretion while choosing genuine seller.

To recap, the concept of SEOClerks is creating a safe and secure environment for people where money remains in the custody of a third party until the buyers are satisfied with the service. It has some great features to offer as compared to other online services providing internet marketing sales or SEO gigs. However, one needs to be cautious and diligent while choosing a freelancer because some of them might be nothing but sham. So choose a seller wisely and try not to order any service which is deemed to be black hat by search engines.

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