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SEMRush Review

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SEMrush is a tool to analyze websites to help users evaluate and optimize their SEO strategies. One glance at the SEMrush webpage and the first thing that strikes you is “All-in-one Marketing Tool for digital marketing professionals”. This explains much of what SEMrush does. The website was founded in 2008 and last updated in 2017. The website layout is very appealing and welcoming. The main service offered by the company is SEO, however, a quick look at their webpage tells that they provide a bunch of several other services that can assist users with backlink audit, position tracking and brand monitoring. With SEMrush, it becomes very simple to locate the keyword your website is ranking for. In simple terms, keyword research becomes a piece of cake with SEMrush.

One would question what is it that makes SEMrush so sought after for online competitor research. The answer lies in its following products and features:

Analytics Reports - Users can easily obtain insights into the strategies of their rivals in link building, display advertising, and paid and organic search.

  • Organic research
    • View the best keywords of your competitors
    • Identify new organic rivals
    • Notice position alterations of domains
  • Advertising Research
    • Discover the advertisement strategies and budget of competitors
    • Evaluate the keywords and ad copies of competitors
    • Localizing your advertisement campaigns
  • Display Ads
    • Find top advertisers and publishers
    • Review rivals’ display ads
    • Locate new publishers
  • Backlinks
    • Undertake profound link analysis
    • Check types of backlinks
    • Comprehend authority of referring domains

Projects - You can initiate worldwide campaigns for your site and obtain all the required metrics about its keywords rankings, on-page health and rivals from a single place. This is facilitated through the following features:

  • Position Tracking
  • Social Media Tool
  • Website Audit
  • Brand Monitoring
  • SEO ideas
  • Backlink auditing tool
  • Organic traffic insights
  • PPC Keyword tool
  • Content tool

Tools - It becomes easy to cross, blend and envisage SEMrush data for comparing other domains and predict keywords difficulty with just a few clicks. The below mentioned features enable this:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Domain vs. Domain
  • Charts
  • My Reports
  • Keywords Magic Tool

It would not be incorrect to summarize that SEMrush appears to be the swiss army knife of digital competitor research. It enables the users to obtain a precise behind-the-scene view of their top performing rivals and employ those insights to develop fruitful digital marketing campaigns from the very start.

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