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The internet has changed our lives in so many different ways since it has exploded into existence. If you were born more than thirty years ago there is a good chance you could not survive without it.... even those of us who experienced the dark ages before Facebook would probably have a hard go at daily doings without the web. But there is one thing everyone does online that has had possibly the greatest impact on our economy since the Industrial Revolution: online shopping.

E-commerce has changed the way we look at businesses. It has opened up new ideas on what is considered a storefront. How and where we spend our money, and what we spend it on has evolved past the point of no return. Someone sitting at their kitchen table in Wisconsin can purchase a kayak from Japan and have it at their doorstep in 7-10 business days. But how do they pay for it?

Enter - The easiest way for online merchants to accept payments from buyers all over the globe. The service is compatible with more than 100 shopping carts and works with 87 currencies and 15 languages. 2checkout creates a streamlined shopping experience that exchanges global currencies as needed by the customer, making the storefront familiar and accessible. Giving customers a localized payment option and integrating with major credit cards as well as PayPal makes this site the most versatile out there. Here are some other highlights about the service:

  • Safety is paramount. With vendors and shoppers alike can send information with confidence using the highest PCI graded certification, a three tiered theft and fraud identity system, and data collection techniques customized for the industry.
  • Recurring billing offers a streamlined way to invoice returning customers, whether they purchase monthly or more sporadic, as well as an automatic card updater system which minimizes declines and other issues at checkout.
  • Rates for processing payments are reasonable - 2.9% + .30 for each completed transaction. Regular exchange rates also apply, but it seems like such a small price to pay for bringing a business to global status, making goods and services available all over the world.

A great addition to any online business, and definitely a necessity for new domains and entrepreneurs, is an affordable, secure and reliable way to span the market and grow an online presence.

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