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SocialOomph Review

Rating 4.50/5.00
Product: Social Media Automation
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Social media is an ever growing venue that can be extremely handy when a business or blogger is trying to reach a new audience, or become more popular with the followers they already have on board. In the fast paced roulette of posts, pictures and links, it's easy to be swept under the current and become invisible to the web public.

Enter SocialOomph: A productivity enhancement service for all types of social media users. The company has been around since 2008 and has continued to expand their services to include some of the most used current social media platforms.

There are two plans featured for this service, and one is forever free of charge with some very helpful features:

  • Free - This membership deals solely with the subscribers Twitter accounts, and is able to track and monitor up to five separate accounts per member. SocialOomph makes it possible to save drafted and frequently used tweets, track keywords and retweets, as well as run a 'purge' on your inbox, deleting all messages in one fell swoop as opposed to the time consuming click by click method. Also available is the option to remove all previous tweets on an account, creating a fresh start without having to lose accumulated followers.
  • Professional - Of course all of the above mentioned is available with this subscription, and along with all of that glorious Twitter optimization comes SocialOomph team members - people willing to do the work for you - ready to filter through profiles, mimic follows and find targeted friends through keyword searches. The efficacy continues on to Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Plurk, allowing the user to schedule photo uploads, shares and updates, as well as manage multiple blog posts and pages and even send updates through personal email accounts, in lieu of signing in to social media accounts.

SocialOomph prides themselves on having very tight security protocol, which is always a plus for the serious internet surfer. There is definitely a lot more available to the user with a professional account with this service, but starting out with their free membership may be a smart move for those of us not quite ready to dive down the social media wormhole. The perks of being a part of this time saving service seem worth signing up - emptying inboxes and searching for people in the vast cyber space alone can become daunting even to the seasoned pro.


    • Schedule Tweets
    • Track Keywords
    • View Mentions and Retweets
    • Automatic Twitter Follow-Back
    • Schedule Facebook Status Updates
    • Schedule Pinterest Posts
    • Schedule LinkedIn Posts
    • Schedule Plurk Updates
    • Schedule Blog Posts
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