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Tank Historia:

BMPT Terminator | Terminator Tanks | Tank Historia
The BMPT Terminator weapon is located on an unmanned turret. This is the mighty BMPT, a Russian armored fighting vehicle armed to the teeth and specialized for anti-infantry and urban roles. - bmpt terminator

K2 Black Panther - South Korea's World Leading MBT - Tank Historia
Compared to other contemporary MBTs like the Challenger 2 and Abrams, the K2 Black Panther is a very recent design. The K2 is full of cutting-edge systems and technologies as a fourth-generation MBT. - k2 black panther

King Tiger Tank | Tank Historia
Experts have confirmed that the famous "lost" King Tiger Tank No 124 is to be insured for £2 Million by Lloyds of London it can be revealed. The tank in question is WW2 King Tiger No 124, which was lost in combat in August 1944 during the retreat towards - king tiger tank

Sherman Tank - M51 Super Sherman | Tank Historia
The M51 Super Sherman Tank is arguably the best example of upgrading equipment far beyond original expectations to meet new requirements. It is perhaps the greatest proof of Sherman's excellent and adaptable design. - sherman tank, m51 super sherman

Sturmtiger - The Tiger with a 380 mm Rocket Launcher - Tank Historia
The Sturmtiger was Germany's answer to the problem of fighting troops in urban environments - deny the enemy usage of a building or fortification by simply turning it to rubble. - sturmtiger

Tiger 131 Tank | Tiger Day 2022 | Tank Historia
Tiger 131 tank runs only twice a year, on Tiger Day in April and September, and always attracts huge crowds when it does. Visitors will have the chance to see it in action in a 45-minute WW2 tank display. - tiger 131 tank, tiger 131

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