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For what are PP and LDPE used the most in the plastic industry?

LDPE has limited tensile strength and a lower modulus of elasticity than higher density polyethylene. That basically means it's weaker and deforms more easily.

It's used a lot in plastic bags and protective wrapping (bubble wrap, foil):

Polypropylene is used in bottle caps, packaging, mealboxes, carpets, composites (engineering plastics), laboratory equipment, piping, car bumpers,…

PP has a high melting point (~ 144 °C) so it's used in kitchen appliances. It doesn't absorb water, it's durable both indoor and outdoor…

It's all about material selection, which depends on the properties required, pricing, availability,..

PE bags PE production is about 80 Mta (million tons annually) whilst PP’s approximately 8.4 Mta.

Ethylene and propylene both play a very important role as platform chemicals. It's not just about polymers. Ethylene production is around 140 Mta and propylene 70 Mta (as far as I remember).

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