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Tips from a Livingston Oral Surgeon for Preserving Dental Implants

Dental implants in NJ are amazing because they can replace teeth that have fallen off with crowns that could be used like real teeth. Some people, however, are not taking care of their dental implants properly. In Livingston Oral Surgery, we wish to remind people that since dental implants are made to replace real teeth, they should also be given the same treatment that we give to real teeth.

Dental Implants NJ

Dental implants may be artificial but they are just as vulnerable to bacteria as your real teeth. In fact, there is a bacterial infection called peri-implantitis which causes inflammation of the gums and may even result in bone loss. When this happens, the bone that supports the implant may waste away and the implant itself would fall off. To avoid having your implants succumb to infection and damage, here are a few tips for dental implant maintenance:

Continue daily oral hygiene practices:

Your dental implants need to be brushed daily and properly with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing daily and using mouthwash are also important to kill bacteria in areas that regular brushing cannot reach.

Avoid implant-damaging habits, and be alert:

If you’ve had dental implants from a West Orange dental office, you should avoid activities that promote bacterial growth in the mouth, such as smoking. You should also inspect your implants at least once every day, and check for signs of swollen gums, toothache, or loose implants. If any irregularity is found, schedule a visit to the dentist or periodontist immediately to identify the problem.

Follow the dentist’s checkup time frame to the letter:

If your dentist has set up a schedule for you to do follow ups on your dental implant, you must diligently go back to the dental office for checkup on the agreed date or dates to ensure that your implant remains in good condition.

Do not delay dental consultations:

Dr. Gerald GeldzahlerIf due to poor maintenance of your teeth, you indeed develop gum disease (or at least, you think you have it), immediately approach a local oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Gerald Geldzahler of Orosurgery, LLC and tell him what the problem is. If you do not get the problem fixed soon enough, the infection could spread, leading to more serious conditions.

Dental implants are a great help to a lot of people because they are very sturdy and are every bit similar to real teeth. Without proper care and maintenance, however, dental implants could get easily infected and bring more serious problems. Whether you have implants or not, it would be best to observe oral hygiene at all times and visit your local dental practitioner often.

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