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4 uses for Gateways with LoRaWAN® capabilities in Water Management

Over the course of living on Earth, there is no doubt that water is essential, everyone and everything needs it. Unfortunately, even if the world is made of 70% of water, various parts of the world still struggle with water scarcity and sanitation. However, it’s not an unknown phenomenon, the cause behind these water issues are partly because of waste mismanagement - another issue that can be avoided with the use of IoT and LoRaWAN gateways.

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Nonetheless, The Internet of Things has made advancements in addressing these water concerns. With devices linked to LoRa gateway module sx1301, it has the capability to not only read the consumption in meters, but to even report on pressure, tank levels, and extend its parameters.

In detail, here are 4 LoRaWAN uses in aiding Water Management:

1. Monitoring Levels

With the assistance of LoRaWAN gateway modules, sensor systems can be installed in overhead tanks, dams, or sewers, which executes level monitoring in these locations. The goal of these systems is to monitor the level of water coming in. For tanks and dams, supply and demand can be controlled because water is now supervised and tracked. On the other hand, for sewers, during heavy downpours, the monitoring systems can alert water facilities if their manholes and sewers would overflow. Thus, flooding and other issues brought about by floods can be prevented and addressed.

2. Measuring Water Quality

Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic right. LoRaWAN gateway can help provide this service through sensors that can administer water checks such as measuring water quality parameters (WQPs), pH balance, and salinity. With this, water facilities are able to provide drinkable water and at the same time, rid their equipment from corrosion caused by harmful contaminants.

3. Managing Water Supply

LoRaWAN gateway aids the development of smart metering by helping water facilities know the supply and demand of water in each locality. Having information like this is useful, this way water facilities can pinpoint areas with less water supply and provide them the amount they need.

4. Treating and Managing Wastewater

Cleaning wastewater is the bulk of what water facilities do. LoRaWAN gateway modules ease and quicken this process through monitoring and sensoring systems that can detect unknown substances.

In the end, whether through the help of technology or manual efforts, water should be managed well and should be available for all across the globe. 


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