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Sweepstakes Tracker


Sweepstakes Giveaway Entry Tracker

The SweepsTracker is a proprietary piece of software that runs exclusively on This software helps you to keep track of sweepstakes giveaways that you have entered by marking them with a line-through the link and coloring it gray.

Many sweepstakes allow you to enter multiple times over the course of the giveaway and the SweepsTracker helps you keep track of that. If for example you enter a Daily Entry giveaway on Wednesday, on Thursday that link will light up Blue when you can enter again. The same goes for Weekly and Monthly giveaways. Single entry giveaways will be marked once and stay marked in gray for the duration of the sweepstakes.

The SweepsTracker can be enabled and dis-abled at your leisure. It is browser specific so if you change browsers or delete your cookies your settings will be reset. You do not currently need to be a member to use the beta version of SweepsTracker. Should you experience any problems with the SweepsTracker which is currently in beta testing mode, please contact us with specific details as to the trouble.

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The SweepsTracker helps to keep track of sweepstakes you have entered.
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